Our annual writers festival holds annually. This festival represents a major turning point in the literary world and it showcases a vast array of world class literary events. Our festival is an opportunity for great minds, writers and readers alike, to interact with one another through the exchange of ideas, literature, and cultural values. We will also be exhibiting literary works which displays the imagination, creativity and ingenuity of the best writers in the country. We are hoping to attract over 4000 guests featuring over 60 literary events for this year’s edition.

Our Festival is open to all book lovers, enthusiasts, including writers. This year, we will be accepting submissions from writers and poets who wish to submit their work for review in our festival. All works submitted will undergo a vetting process for authenticity and quality.

The vision is to create an avenue for new and renowned writers to reach out to new audiences, a fresh demographic that will help boost the literary appreciation in the country. Apart from submissions, they could also:

  • Present a seminar on an area of expertise of their choosing.

  • Propose a special literary program that could be easily included in the festival.

  • Participate in a live reading session with other writers which could lead to a panel interaction with audience at the venue.

We surely entertain new and creative ways through which authors can present their literary works in a multi-disciplinary context.

Before submitting, please note all participants in the festival must indicate their willingness to participate fully and be available throughout the duration of the festival.

All writers wishing to participate in our festival must submit their works in the following format:

  1. A brief summary of their proposed work in not more than 750 words typed on Concord paper with a type 12 Times New Roman Font.

  2. The work itself shall be devoid of any information details which may indicate the identity of the writer in question.

  3. All submissions must come in electronic and hard copy formats. Each electronic submission must be made in PDF format and 12 hard copies shall be sent to our address by registered post.

There are only so much submissions we can review and we advise all our intending writers wishing to showcase their literary works to begin their submissions at least one month before the event begins.