Our 2019 Writers festival tickets will go on sale live in affiliation with ticket master from 8am on Friday the 21st of June. Our Writer Festival Patrons will be given priority access to tickets from Wednesday, the 19th of June, 2019 while friends and partners from the 20th of June 2019.

Do You Need To Purchase Tickets To Attend Our Festival?

Our writers festival is a potpourri of events which consist of ticketed and free events. You can consult our live events page to see whether you would need to purchase tickets for the individual events hosted.

All tickets shall be purchased via ticket master. Our events are highly anticipated so tickets only last for few days at a time. It is advisable that you buy your tickets in good time. If you intend to buy tickets to more than one event, you can use the shopping cart here. However, if you would like to buy multiple tickets for our General Events, then it would be best for you to find out more about the Concession Passes we offer which can save you quite a decent amount of money per event. To understand what a Concession Pass is see below for more information.

What is the Cost of Tickets for General Events?

You can buy your General Events tickets individually or included in a concession price offer.

General - 30

First Call - 25 (available for two weeks only)

Our prices are inclusive of VAT, but will have service charges from ticket master. We offer student discounts alongside concession passes (find out more below)

Concession Passes

A Concession pass is an option to buying multiple tickets for General Events. This can save you 5 per event. They are perfect for those wishing to attend multiple events or for groups.