Whether it is a fascinating nail biting adventure, an intriguing memoir, or a literary account about true love, stories are what unite us thereby forming our understanding of the world we live in. At our writers festival, we allow readers, writers, and enthusiasts to be together under one community and enclosure in order to experience the written word, interact with authors and live their creativity. This way the literary village communes to bask in the power of spoken and written words.

Our writers festival is unique unlike most festivals. We stand out because we have the widest diversification of writers across the globe. This cuts across entertaining writers from as far flung as Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. We celebrate writers from all works of life including, spoken word, poets, graphic novelists, comic writers, and many more.

Are you a daytime critic or a nighttime lover? Whichever you are, we have loads of events that will keep you on your feet nocturnally and diurnally. Our activities include, arts and craft, live band, rock concerts, educational panels, authors sessions, book signings, live readings, stand-up comedy, teen workshops, child friendly events and a delicious lots more.

Our festival was created out of a blossoming need to unite peoples of all works of life and interest under one universal literary umbrella. This was aimed to aiding us to communicate our values through the medium of the pen and ink; to empower the voiceless to be heard through the ink of our thoughts. We celebrate inclusiveness and the right to access, fashioning out a week to celebrate all ethnicity, gender, creed, and competencies.

In the beginning, we at first did not know we could run our own gig. We already had a few writers and other literary professionals cluttered about our community. We then had to ask ourselves the question: "why are we shuttling down to other countries and communities for writers festivals when we could setup our own? The wealth of talent and belief was never in doubt.

Now look at where we are today! We rank as one of the most anticipated literary events in the world. We have hosted celebrated writers in the world and promise to yet reach even greater heights. Ours is a festival not to be missed. This years main sponsor is LeoVegas casino and SmartPunters Betting Tips. Thanks a bunch! If you wish to sponsor us, please get in touch. The best way of getting fresh mobile casino bonuses is to visit the Queen of No Deposit. She will make sure you get the latest bonuses directly in your phone.

We want you to come with your family, friends, and loved ones. Soak up the sights. Enjoy the scenery. Live the literature. We promise you the best time of your life.